Sunday 14th April

PLEASE NOTE 8.30am Start

The Sunday walk will be in the area of the Ladybower Reservoir, and weather permitting , will provide lovely views during the day.

The walk starts from the visitor centre below the Derwent Dam where the Dam Busters practiced their skills in WW2.
However, we shall have a peaceful day, starting by crossing to the other side of the valley below the dam and walking a short way upstream of the dam. The next part is the hardest part of the walk when we make a steady and more or less continuous ascent to the peak of the Lost Lad. The gradient is variable over the ascent and some parts are not steep at all. Once at the top we traverse Derwent Edge passing by Loaves of Bread, The Salt Cellar and The Wheel Stones. Eventually we start our descent down towards Ladybower where it is crossed by the A57. We walk back to the other side via the A57 pavement and finish our walk ambling alongside the Derwent arm of the Ladybower Reservoir. Our ascent for the day will be 1500 feet and the length of the walk is just 10 miles.

We will stop for a meal at the Ladybower Inn before our return to Chester.