Sunday 2nd June

Stiperstones Walk.  ‘B’ about 10 miles with about 1700 ft of ascent. 8.30 am start

The walk follows paths across fields, through woods, a number of short lengths of tarmac and along the Shropshire Way across the Stiperstones. At times the path is stony. There is one short descent were you might find poles helpful.

The distance from the library is 62 miles and travelling time about 1½ hours.

The Bog is a former mining community. It was once a busy village with over 200 buildings. Now only a few remain. The local mines produced lead and barytes  until the early 20th century.The Bog Mine Visitor Centre, the main facility for visitors to the Stiperstones, is housed in the former village school and retains its old interior design.  It provides some historical information about the past workers, mining, and present-day work to restore the landscape but is basically a tea room/guide books and gift shop.