F A Q’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to join the Ramblers Association before my first walk?

No, not at all. Prospective members are most welcome to walk with the group up to three times before making the decision to join. Try a Sunday walk or perhaps a shorter Thursday walk or mix the grades to help you decide whether or not to join.

What do the grades mean?

Take a look at the “About” page for a full description of the grading system used. If you have not walked for a while or you are unsure of your ability, start with the easier grades first. You can obtain the telephone number of the walk leader by contacting the Membership Secretary on our Contacts page to check any concerns that you may have regarding their walk. If the leader feels that you would not be able to safely complete the walk, they could refuse to take you.

What shall I wear/bring and do I need to buy any expensive clothing?

A pair of walking boots with good foot and ankle protection is important for your safety, together with a set of waterproofs and a rucksack for carrying your lunch, snacks, adequate drink and perhaps spare clothes. It is not necessary to buy anything else until you are sure that you are going to be walking on a regular basis. A small personal first aid kit is always useful although the walk leaders do normally carry first aid kits. Your rucksack should contain some ID which also shows an emergency contact number and details of any important medical conditions you may have e.g. diabetes. A free Emergency Key Fob is available from the Membership Secretary as a method of keeping personal medical and next of kin information. It would be advisable to let the leader know of these medical conditions before the start of the walk.

Does the programme ever change?

Sometimes a walk may need to be altered after the programme has been printed. However, the group website www.cestrianramblers.org.uk is always up to date, so check this out first before deciding on a walk.

Anything else I should know?

The walk leader is responsible for the group so please do not walk in front of them or leave the group without speaking to them first. Every care is taken to avoid accidents, but should one occur it is the responsibility of the leader to report this to the Group Secretary as soon as possible.

The Group has a number of maps and books of walks which may be used by Group members.

The Group regrets that dogs cannot be accepted on any of the walks.